Reward System Experiment Status Update – 2

  • Server Reward System Status
    • System become more stable that able for continuous to clean up room for let other people to enter the room and use it.
    • Will continuous slowly add new key (day by day) into the system to support more room to concurrently use it.
  • Reward Points:
    • Reward Video has been capped to 3 – 4 video per AdNetwork per 12hours or per day. Because found some users has too much reward points that keep occupied the room, will make other users has no chance to play.

Daily Revenue has been dropped from USD 10 – USD 4 since the first launch. That mean i start losing $$$ and server cost also keep increasing due to the hash key call and traffic bandwidth keep increasing.

I do hope this reward system can expanding by keep adding new keys into it, but the revenue doesn’t allow me to do so. Sorry.

I think will keep the system for 2 month at least, (i code this system also take me 2 months  😀 ).

If really still cannot make it, then I have no choice have to discontinue it. Hope you guys understand.


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