Reward System Experiment Status 1

  • Server Reward System
    • (Issue) Currently contains bugs that sometime cannot free up the room what user leave the game / crash
    • I have to manually kick all people time to time (You will see server under maintenance for a short while after kick all user out).
    • During maintenance, you may experience crash (sorry , the app does handle properly for that case)


  • Reward Points
    • The reward point still remain as 200, because i found the video reward revenue is not much due to it still like banner ad model (CPI / CPA ) to gain income.


  • New Api Key
    • I just got 2 to3 keys left, but due to the revenue not much , i cannot continue buy new keys until the revenue sufficient cover those purchased keys & server maintenance cost.
    • Please be patient if not more room (cause bugs in server / not enough license keys)


  • PokeGoHelper app
    • still got crashes happen. stability 75%
    • (Bug) when player level up, it won’t crash but cause the app cannot work properly. The temporary solution is just logout and relogin again.
    • (Bug) Some reward video not rewarded to user due to failed to find the userId after watch video especially Adcolony.Temporary solution: ┬áPlease ensure you has been login with gmail successfully before watch any reward video.



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