Release Version: 0.4.2

Release version: 0.4.2 (Experiment)
Date: 2017/05/15

1. Update to match Official App : 0.63.1 (iOS= 1.33.1)
2. Fixed crash issue due to accident click the sign-out but that cause user with one-time sign in
will sign out again.
(Note : Just One-Time-Sign in, and ensure you see your reward point got value before watch reward video)

Update for the experiement of Reward System
1. recently the revenue increase back last 2 days to around USD 8 – USD 10. (may be is because of weekend).
2. but the server cost has been increase as well( bandwidth and cpu + api calls. (USD 2 to 3 daily)).

Currently ia almost draw (Expenses = Revenue). I not earn but luckily no loss as well.

(Long Story)
Something need clarify here, cause sometime user always think youtube publisher is developer.

1. I am not youtube publisher. (i just a android programmer, enjoy people use my app for play pokemon)

2. I didn’t publish any video on any place before because i do not know how to explain how the app works.
But Youtube Publisher DO !! they are Pro, not me.

3. I don’t publish any Hash API on web. Because those approach won’t work well.
That’s Why i spend time for the reward point system, but It doesn’t generate much income.
(no chance to be rich for me !!! too bad)

4. Any income i gain is just from the advertisement INSIDE THE APP, no other source.

5. But Youtube Publisher do help me a lot for the promoting the app, they should earn some credit of that.

6. Showing the Hash Key to everyone will eventually just make the key unworkable (too many people
using the same key end up nobody can use the key)
(a single API key 150RPM just allow support up to 5 people(MAX) at the same time and it just last for 31 days).

7. If you really need to help me grow, donate the KEY to ME !!! i will put it into my Point Reward System to manage it correctly.

I just create a dummy account to receive your key donation. No $$$ please :p
email :


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