Release version: 0.2.0

What’s New

  • Support API Hashing Service
    • provide option to choose using Legacy or paid api
    • provide RPM Monitor(Request per Minute, response time in milliseconds from Api Server + error message if any)

It help you to check How many RPM so when you want used the api service, you may share it service with your friend to reduce the cost.


  1. increase the pokestop scanning time (task to update pokestop status-lootable, looted, etc) to reduce the RPM call.
  2. remove Toast message for catch result. (the toast may no neccassry not)
  3. Main UI changed by move “Player Profile” & “Setting” to bottom toolbar due to found a bit inconvenient by keep swipe the top toolbar.


  1. Pokeball/Rasberry Quantity not reduce (UI) when catch applied.
  2. Catch Fragment – Right Button did not change back to close when catch escaped


  • Minimum purchase for the service is euro 3.95 per month for 150RPM. but this app is usually use less than that limit (~30RPM),Unless u do heavy pokemon transfer on that minute. So if 150RPM / 30RPM = 5 => you may share the key for 5 friends
  • I’m not selling OR any relate to this API hashing service.
  • No responsible for any failure of the usage.


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