No Pokéstops show up on my map and i can’t load my inventory or transfer Pokémon.

The main course is because you LOST communication with Pokemon Go Server/Api Hashing Service. You can fix this by:

  1. Sign out (setting page) and re-login again.
  2. due to Encountered Captcha but you did not resolve the captcha yourself or app failed to show u the captcha sceen.
  3. try to re-login or open use Official Pokemon Go App to solve the captcha
    refer release 0.1.2
    PS: Captcha sometime will show twice at a same time, if encoutner please solve it until saw the
    “Verify Sucsses” message. then u may press back to ignore the old Captcha.

  4. Account has been banned ? Try use Official Pokemon Go to open it seen any issue or not. (it should happen during login)
  5. Kill/close the app, and start the app again. (Sorry, i knew that is many crashes/unpreditable issue after resume app from background)
  6. Any Error message from the RPM message ? if yes possible related with your API key or Api Hashing server(refer Q1).

Note: i no relationship with Api Hashing Service by PF.

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