Is buying 150 Request Per Minute (RPM) is enough for the APP ?

More than Enough! 

The App basic api on the background is just for map scanning and surrounding pokestop info update
REQUESET for background
– scan map (10second+ interval) (<6 per minute ) – pokestop status update (20 – 60s interval) (1-3 per minute) 

The rest depends how many other actions you do (you can see the RPM counter will increase when you perform action). 

Catch pokemon – used 2 requests (encounter + catch) other action – usually used 1 request. walking/running/flying = 0 request cause it is under scan map background operation. 

Did I said “More than Enough” ? Yes, you can even share the API License key with your friends (2 – 4 people) playing at the same time. 

As long as the Total RPM (you + friends) used does not exceed 150 RPM (Request Per Minute), that should be no problem.

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