Release version: 0.3.0


  1. Backup last location (every 10 seconds) during game time, so the next time game starts it will use the last location.
  2. Support new api (updated to api endpoint version 53 with endpoint = 123_1).


  1. Some crashes
  2. Blank screen during captcha on webview versions 53, 54 (this is caused the damm google bug on android system webview on versions 53, 54) Solved by bypassing SSLError due to the WebView marking Google’s Captcha site certificate as invalid.

Download (Mega) (Dropbox)

Release version: 0.2.1

What’s New

  1. Add capable to used lure module on the Pokestop.
    • a button added inside pokestop screen.
    • but that is a flaw, you can open pokestop only when you in-range(inside 1st circle) and lootable.

Nothing much :-/

This release mainly fixed some critical crash problem that exist
long long time ago.. (Hope this patch can fix it XD )

Fix issues on version 0.2.0

  1. App Crash when reopen from background
  2. try-catch to prevent app crash during catch pokemon
  3. crash during open inventory screen


Release version: 0.2.0

What’s New

  • Support API Hashing Service
    • provide option to choose using Legacy or paid api
    • provide RPM Monitor(Request per Minute, response time in milliseconds from Api Server + error message if any)

It help you to check How many RPM so when you want used the api service, you may share it service with your friend to reduce the cost.


  1. increase the pokestop scanning time (task to update pokestop status-lootable, looted, etc) to reduce the RPM call.
  2. remove Toast message for catch result. (the toast may no neccassry not)
  3. Main UI changed by move “Player Profile” & “Setting” to bottom toolbar due to found a bit inconvenient by keep swipe the top toolbar.


  1. Pokeball/Rasberry Quantity not reduce (UI) when catch applied.
  2. Catch Fragment – Right Button did not change back to close when catch escaped


  • Minimum purchase for the service is euro 3.95 per month for 150RPM. but this app is usually use less than that limit (~30RPM),Unless u do heavy pokemon transfer on that minute. So if 150RPM / 30RPM = 5 => you may share the key for 5 friends
  • I’m not selling OR any relate to this API hashing service.
  • No responsible for any failure of the usage.


Release version: 0.1.3

Bug Fixed

  1. The Player missing in map (occur when speed is set too high but click distance is too short


  1. Change Catch Pokemon UI to let user self decide using which ball and razzberry to catch pokemon
  2. Support to catch again pokemon is it has been escaped
  3. Support multi transfer to make the transfer process must easy. (Note: this still using the old api)
  4. (Debug) put more log on the login state due to still got user crash during login but still unable to detect the real cause

Note: This app still using the legacy api (0.45) :(.
In future that new hash service (such as 0.51) is require to pay in order to use it
for detail of the paid service

This App still remain as FREE.
I will integrate with new API, and let user self decide for next coming release.


Release version: 0.1.2

What’s New
Nearby Pokemons

  • Provide nearby pokemon located in different pokestop.
  • support sort by distance / pokemon type (Number #)


  1. Open the NearByPokemon Button, it provide a list of pokemons with this distance.
  2. Click the pokemon you want to find
  3. It will move to the pokestop that spawn the pokemon.

(Simple and Easy 😀 )

Note: The Top Button Bar is full, scroll it if needed.
PS: Captcha sometime will show twice at a same time, if encoutner please solve it until saw the
“Verify Sucsses” message. then u may press back to ignore the old Captcha.

Enjoy and Happy New Year