Release version: 0.3.0


  1. Backup last location (every 10 seconds) during game time, so the next time game starts it will use the last location.
  2. Support new api (updated to api endpoint version 53 with endpoint = 123_1).


  1. Some crashes
  2. Blank screen during captcha on webview versions 53, 54 (this is caused the damm google bug on android system webview on versions 53, 54) Solved by bypassing SSLError due to the WebView marking Google’s Captcha site certificate as invalid.

Download (Mega) (Dropbox)

No Pokéstops show up on my map and i can’t load my inventory or transfer Pokémon.

The main course is because you LOST communication with Pokemon Go Server/Api Hashing Service. You can fix this by:

  1. Sign out (setting page) and re-login again.
  2. due to Encountered Captcha but you did not resolve the captcha yourself or app failed to show u the captcha sceen.
  3. try to re-login or open use Official Pokemon Go App to solve the captcha
    refer release 0.1.2
    PS: Captcha sometime will show twice at a same time, if encoutner please solve it until saw the
    “Verify Sucsses” message. then u may press back to ignore the old Captcha.

  4. Account has been banned ? Try use Official Pokemon Go to open it seen any issue or not. (it should happen during login)
  5. Kill/close the app, and start the app again. (Sorry, i knew that is many crashes/unpreditable issue after resume app from background)
  6. Any Error message from the RPM message ? if yes possible related with your API key or Api Hashing server(refer Q1).

Note: i no relationship with Api Hashing Service by PF.

Is buying 150 Request Per Minute (RPM) is enough for the APP ?

More than Enough! 

The App basic api on the background is just for map scanning and surrounding pokestop info update
REQUESET for background
– scan map (10second+ interval) (<6 per minute ) – pokestop status update (20 – 60s interval) (1-3 per minute) 

The rest depends how many other actions you do (you can see the RPM counter will increase when you perform action). 

Catch pokemon – used 2 requests (encounter + catch) other action – usually used 1 request. walking/running/flying = 0 request cause it is under scan map background operation. 

Did I said “More than Enough” ? Yes, you can even share the API License key with your friends (2 – 4 people) playing at the same time. 

As long as the Total RPM (you + friends) used does not exceed 150 RPM (Request Per Minute), that should be no problem.

What is Requests Per Minute (RPM) that appears below on main screen ?

RPM is only apply to API Hashing Service. but legacy api RPM is no limit.

The explaination a bit technical and my english is not so good hope u guy can understand.

Inside Game all the action such as scan Pokémon, catch Pokémon, power up, evolve, etc need to send REQUEST to
actual Pokémon Go Server.

Every REQUEST send to Pokémon Go’s Server, need go through a verifcation process to ensure your request is valid.
Only if the verification is pass and you request is valid, then server will response and give whatever you want.

Basically the process flow(e.g. catch Pokémon) as below:
– catch Pokémon action–> Hash request + catch api –> (Pokémon Go Server) perform catch
–> (Pokémon Go Server) perform catch and send response -> (app) catch result.

In Legacy Api (0.45), The Hash Algorithm is done inside the App.
(app) catch Pokémon -> (app) hash + (app) catch api -> (Pokémon Go Server) perform catch

In Api Hashing Service by PF (0.51) [paid model], The way of perform has a bit changes in the middle
(app) catch Pokémon -> (Hash Service)request hash and wait it hash result + (app) catch api –> Pokémon Go server.

Hash Service implement the plan with RPM services (150RPM, 500RPM, etc) with the license key.
For example: 150 RPM License key
– you number of hash request for that API key in a minutes is maximum 150.
– IF you request has been exceed 150, during Hash request, the Hash Service will reject give the Hast Result in THAT particular minute ONLY.
(that mean you cannot perform any ACTION )
– But after the next minute, Hash Service will resume back service and reset counting how many request you has been ask.

OK, clear ? Now can answer the usage for the RPM tracker below the app now . hehe
Example for the text below that app:
RPM: 6 (364ms) [error message]
6 = number of REQUEST has been sent to Api Hash Services
(364ms) = how fast the Api Hash Service reply back to app ( 1000 ms = 1 second)
[error message] = Error mesasge reply from Api Hash Service that cause the hash failure.
So the app cannot proceed to send the action to Pokémon Go Server.
Possible causes may due to Hash Server problem or Exceed the RPM if your API key has been used by many devices at the same time.
If Blank that mean not error from Hash Service

Release version: 0.2.1

What’s New

  1. Add capable to used lure module on the Pokestop.
    • a button added inside pokestop screen.
    • but that is a flaw, you can open pokestop only when you in-range(inside 1st circle) and lootable.

Nothing much :-/

This release mainly fixed some critical crash problem that exist
long long time ago.. (Hope this patch can fix it XD )

Fix issues on version 0.2.0

  1. App Crash when reopen from background
  2. try-catch to prevent app crash during catch pokemon
  3. crash during open inventory screen