Reward System Experiment Status Update – 4 (last)

Finally I decided to stop this reward system.

The reason is simple. NOT MAKING MONEY

That is not user problem, Is just because of the system. The server cost is high, buggy.  hash services system not stable on the past 2 week. Too many failures happened on the Hash API service.

The remain 10 key expired date as follow:

2 keys - expire on 2017/07/31
4 keys - expired on 2017/08/02 
1 keys - expired on 2017/08/05
3 keys - expired on 2017/08/08

Those keys expired date was already extend from hash api service due to their system problem.

If you still have many reward points, please spend it. No need to watch video and keep so many reward points.

The exact date for stop this reward system is not decided yet. But at least after all key has been expired, or will be extend a bit long (i buy some more keys) in order you guys got enough time to finish of those remaining reward point.

PS: for next coming version will be roll back to Hash Api key only where you need to have you own key for continue to play.