Release Version: 0.4.2

Release version: 0.4.2 (Experiment)
Date: 2017/05/15

1. Update to match Official App : 0.63.1 (iOS= 1.33.1)
2. Fixed crash issue due to accident click the sign-out but that cause user with one-time sign in
will sign out again.
(Note : Just One-Time-Sign in, and ensure you see your reward point got value before watch reward video)

Update for the experiement of Reward System
1. recently the revenue increase back last 2 days to around USD 8 – USD 10. (may be is because of weekend).
2. but the server cost has been increase as well( bandwidth and cpu + api calls. (USD 2 to 3 daily)).

Currently ia almost draw (Expenses = Revenue). I not earn but luckily no loss as well.

(Long Story)
Something need clarify here, cause sometime user always think youtube publisher is developer.

1. I am not youtube publisher. (i just a android programmer, enjoy people use my app for play pokemon)

2. I didn’t publish any video on any place before because i do not know how to explain how the app works.
But Youtube Publisher DO !! they are Pro, not me.

3. I don’t publish any Hash API on web. Because those approach won’t work well.
That’s Why i spend time for the reward point system, but It doesn’t generate much income.
(no chance to be rich for me !!! too bad)

4. Any income i gain is just from the advertisement INSIDE THE APP, no other source.

5. But Youtube Publisher do help me a lot for the promoting the app, they should earn some credit of that.

6. Showing the Hash Key to everyone will eventually just make the key unworkable (too many people
using the same key end up nobody can use the key)
(a single API key 150RPM just allow support up to 5 people(MAX) at the same time and it just last for 31 days).

7. If you really need to help me grow, donate the KEY to ME !!! i will put it into my Point Reward System to manage it correctly.

I just create a dummy account to receive your key donation. No $$$ please :p
email :


Download  (File Factory) (DropBox) (Google Drive)

Reward System Experiment Status Update – 2

  • Server Reward System Status
    • System become more stable that able for continuous to clean up room for let other people to enter the room and use it.
    • Will continuous slowly add new key (day by day) into the system to support more room to concurrently use it.
  • Reward Points:
    • Reward Video has been capped to 3 – 4 video per AdNetwork per 12hours or per day. Because found some users has too much reward points that keep occupied the room, will make other users has no chance to play.

Daily Revenue has been dropped from USD 10 – USD 4 since the first launch. That mean i start losing $$$ and server cost also keep increasing due to the hash key call and traffic bandwidth keep increasing.

I do hope this reward system can expanding by keep adding new keys into it, but the revenue doesn’t allow me to do so. Sorry.

I think will keep the system for 2 month at least, (i code this system also take me 2 months  😀 ).

If really still cannot make it, then I have no choice have to discontinue it. Hope you guys understand.


Reward System Experiment Status 1

  • Server Reward System
    • (Issue) Currently contains bugs that sometime cannot free up the room what user leave the game / crash
    • I have to manually kick all people time to time (You will see server under maintenance for a short while after kick all user out).
    • During maintenance, you may experience crash (sorry , the app does handle properly for that case)


  • Reward Points
    • The reward point still remain as 200, because i found the video reward revenue is not much due to it still like banner ad model (CPI / CPA ) to gain income.


  • New Api Key
    • I just got 2 to3 keys left, but due to the revenue not much , i cannot continue buy new keys until the revenue sufficient cover those purchased keys & server maintenance cost.
    • Please be patient if not more room (cause bugs in server / not enough license keys)


  • PokeGoHelper app
    • still got crashes happen. stability 75%
    • (Bug) when player level up, it won’t crash but cause the app cannot work properly. The temporary solution is just logout and relogin again.
    • (Bug) Some reward video not rewarded to user due to failed to find the userId after watch video especially Adcolony.Temporary solution:  Please ensure you has been login with gmail successfully before watch any reward video.



Release Version: 0.4.0

Release Version: 0.4.0 (Experiment)

Date: 2017/05/01

What's New
Play FREE with Reward Point.

1. Login with ANY gmail account for first run to create PokeGoHelper to store reward point
2. Watch Reward Video to collect reward point (rp)
3. Select 'Use Reward Point'
4. Login 
(Please be patient !!!login process will take very long time because that is a lot of APIs has been called during the start up) 

 IF U cancel the "login in progress", then please exit app before re-login gain.

With this watching reward video model, i hope the model can work :)
So you no need to pay and still can continue using the app.

Actually I not sure how much video ad required in order to has enough $$$
to cover entire operation cost (License Key + Server operation cost).
I just bought 10 keys and set each key can "shared" between 6 users and
give the reward point of 200 for each video viewed.

Initially i plan is each key is used by 5 user at the same time (each can have 30rpm)
and reward point of 300, so you no need to watch too many ads.
But now i think better to increase the revenue first so can let more and more user
can play. When the income is better then i can switch the reward point to higher.

I will continue purchase more keys if advertising income allow me to
pay those license keys and server cost.

Lastly that is still some issue / limitation
1. The response time for each API become slowly cause it need reach extra process from my endpoint
  to hash Api to resolve the hash value. You will feel the pain during login it will take about 1 min
  to successful login
2. Currently i just have 3 Ad Network to provide the video reward. I will continue add more in future
just in case you location does not have Video Reward Ad.
3. How much request server can support, i still have no clue on it.. Just try and see

Bugs Fixed
- Sorry, this Reward / Free Model has been take out all my resource for learning, coding and testing
 server code. (I am idiot on server programming)
no time for fixing yet. hope u understand..
Download  (File Factory) (DropBox) (Google Drive)