Release version: 0.3.4

Release version: 0.3.4 (Legacy Api has been block by Niantic)
Date: 2017/02/23

 Login mechanism issue: revoke by using fork source from

 Change the UI for encounter pokemon to same as nearby pokemon interface.

-Changed api using gegy1000 source with provide better performance for api call.
- The starting the map may take longer time for show pokemon is due to the map update is faster
than the map ready event. It cause the map missed the first map update.

I guess currently niantic has been blocked, therefore the Free API legacy option has been removed
I will try to re-model for FREE app concept by using reward video ads to rewards user to
 continue use the app for free with share the API hashed key for some time interval.

But it may take more longer time for re-design it. Time for completion for new model is unknown.
I will try few research of it first. before see how feasible new model can work. 
Thanks for continue support PokeGoHelper

Download (Dropbox) (Mega)(File Factory)

Release version: 0.3.3

Release version: 0.3.3
Date: 2017/02/18

Patch for support new version 0.57.2
- Added two new Berries. (support to DROP it to prevent inventory full)

Known issue/ Unsuppport feature (0.57.2)
- Added new encounter mechanics. (current catch result may have more error 200 / 400)
- Unable to use new barries (Nanab & Pinab Berry)

Other Known Issue (Unsolved)
 1. Keep exit / crashing when perform login
 Solution: try to clear cache of the app

 2. Failed to udpate app for Android M & N due to following reason
  2.1. forget to request external storage permission to cannot download the latest apk to external storage
  Solution: manually open the Android settings > Apps > PokeGoHelper > Permission > Storage -> turn on it

  2.2. Andorid N, having addition security to prevent using File Path as input for update automatically.
  Solution: a. manually go to external storage/Downloads/ folder.
            b. the apk will be store inside the Extrenal Storage > Download if after the apk has been downloaded.

  2.3. if above failed. go To the setting page, and find the app source link and manual download the apk file from there.

Sorry for this version still containing a lot of bugs...

Download (Dropbox) (Mega)(File Factory)