Release version: 0.1.3

Bug Fixed

  1. The Player missing in map (occur when speed is set too high but click distance is too short


  1. Change Catch Pokemon UI to let user self decide using which ball and razzberry to catch pokemon
  2. Support to catch again pokemon is it has been escaped
  3. Support multi transfer to make the transfer process must easy. (Note: this still using the old api)
  4. (Debug) put more log on the login state due to still got user crash during login but still unable to detect the real cause

Note: This app still using the legacy api (0.45) :(.
In future that new hash service (such as 0.51) is require to pay in order to use it
for detail of the paid service

This App still remain as FREE.
I will integrate with new API, and let user self decide for next coming release.


Release version: 0.1.2

What’s New
Nearby Pokemons

  • Provide nearby pokemon located in different pokestop.
  • support sort by distance / pokemon type (Number #)


  1. Open the NearByPokemon Button, it provide a list of pokemons with this distance.
  2. Click the pokemon you want to find
  3. It will move to the pokestop that spawn the pokemon.

(Simple and Easy 😀 )

Note: The Top Button Bar is full, scroll it if needed.
PS: Captcha sometime will show twice at a same time, if encoutner please solve it until saw the
“Verify Sucsses” message. then u may press back to ignore the old Captcha.

Enjoy and Happy New Year